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Many more references available upon request. MANY! 

Dr. Brandon Ryff -31 - AZ

Cosmetic Dentist

My low back pains had been escalating for years causing significant discomfort. My work compromises that area daily. Steven's deep tissue techniques and competent structural strategies reversed all of it. Thanks again Steven! 

Linda Rones - 63 - NY 

Competitive Tennis Player

I struggled with a hip replacement on each side for years. One side was constantly giving me problems. I had very limited movement and even basic ones were difficult. Steven's stretch routine and deep tissue work put me back on the court, and at my best! Thank you so much Steven!

Kim Myles - 52 - NJ 

Competitive Century Cyclist 

Steven's approach to sports massage was not only effective, but enjoyable. The work I needed was intense, but Steven made it a pleasure and worth coming back for! Keeps me on the bike!